Keeping your building, property, or home compliant with building codes is not only required by law, it’s also a great way to catch issues with your building that could be wasting energy every single day.

Green Energy 360 provides compliance services in the Washington Metro area, including DC, Northern Virginia, Baltimore, and Annapolis, ensuring your commercial property or home is safe, healthy, efficient, and code compliant.

Stay Compliant with Maryland Energy Code

Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. enforce a version of the 2018 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). The Maryland Code requires the completion and posting of an energy efficiency certificate. The certificate lists the energy characteristics of the building materials and systems installed in your project. Blower door and duct leakage testing must be performed by an approved third-party energy testing professional. If your project involves building a new home, an addition, or major structural changes to existing exterior walls or ceilings, you may be required to demonstrate a minimum level of air tightness. Air tightness is measured through a blower door test, which is required by the code to demonstrate compliance.

Green Energy 360: Compliance and Efficiency from Every Angle

Keeping an energy efficient, comfortable, and compliant home or commercial building will require staying up to date with the latest energy codes, and using the best testing available so you know what upgrades to make. Green Energy 360 is an energy consulting firm. You don’t need to be the expert, you can trust our team of experts in energy audits, blower door tests, duct leakage testing, air code leakage testing, and more. 

Better Testing Means Better Buildings

Meeting building code is just the beginning of actual efficiency in your building or property, and we can only improve what we can test. With an experienced energy expert at the wheel of your air code leakage testing, we can assess the current state of your building by finding the total air leakage present in the building envelope, uncovering obvious leaks around windows and doors, and locating the harder-to-find small holes concealed in any ductwork. If your building is struggling to meet code, our team can outline a path towards compliance. 

Call Green Energy 360 for Energy Compliance, Efficiency & Reduction

Energy code requirement testing and air leakage testing are important to maintaining a comfortable and healthy building here in the DC Metro area, but they aren’t the only ways to save energy. Our team of energy consultants can help you further your vision for reducing energy consumption, improving energy efficiency, and saving energy costs. Schedule a consultation with our team today!

Looking for help with the compliance of your building in the Washington Metro area, including DC, Northern Virginia, Baltimore, Frederick and Annapolis? Call Green Energy 360 at (240) 397-6901 or contact us online. 

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We are compliance experts in the Washington and Baltimore Metro Areas, Northern Virginia, Frederick, and Annapolis.

Our Compliance Services

Our Compliance Services

Blower Door Testing

IECC air leakage inspection providing details on-site to the Site Superintendent/AHJ with results.

Duct Leakage Testing

IECC-measured duct leakage providing details on-site to the Site Superintendent/AHJ with results.  

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Get indoor air quality testing for your mid-rise or high-rise building here in the Washington Metro area, including DC, Northern Virginia, Baltimore and Annapolis. Set up your IAQ test and receive a report on how clean your air is. 

Quality Control

Receive an evaluation and verification of work performed against the work plan, specification, and standards.

Indoor energy efficiency testing

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