Duct Leakage Testing

Duct leakage testing plays a key role in identifying energy loss and overall HVAC system efficiency, and it is required for new construction projects here in Maryland, and Washington D.C.

Green Energy 360 is the go-to expert for duct leakage testing in the Washington Metro area, including DC, Northern Virginia, Baltimore, and Annapolis.

Any changes to the ductwork or construction of your home will require verified testing to ensure it is not leaky or inefficient.

Green Energy 360 can take care of your DCRA requirement testing to ensure you are compliant. Not sure if your home or multifamily building will require testing? We are here to help you navigate the process!

What Is a Duct Leakage Test? 

A duct leakage test is a diagnostic test used to determine the amount of air leakage occurring in the ductwork connected to an HVAC system. To perform a duct leakage test, we use a number of tools, including a blower fan to pressurize or depressurize the duct system, which allows us to measure the total air leakage.

We Can Help You Pass Your Next Duct Leakage Test 

If any leakage issues are detected during your duct test, the team at Green Energy 360 can assist you in resolving the issue for maximum efficiency.

Schedule duct leakage testing today with the expert team at Green Energy 360. Call us at (240) 397-6901 or contact us online. 

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Green Energy 360 is the go-to expert for duct leakage testing in the Washington and Baltimore Metro Areas, Northern Virginia, Frederick, and Annapolis

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